Yince a Paradise (2021)

Written for the Dunedin Consort and toured nationally during the Cop26 Climate Summit.  

Soliloquy (2021)

Written for the Roohk Quartet and premiered online during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Soliloquy sample score. 

Drew Hammond - Soliloquy from Rookh Quartet on Vimeo.

Suite for Claude Debussy, in Memoriam (2018)

Written for the Royal Scottish National Orchestra chamber ensemble, conducted by Jon Hargreaves.   Premiered in March 2018 at the University Memorial Chapel, Glasgow, UK, as a part of the Claude Debussy in Memoriam Centenary Concert

Suite sample score

Boyajian Star Music (2017) open score

Written for Contemporary Music for All (CoMA).   Premiered in July 2017 in Orkney, Scotland

Boyajian Star Music sample score

Ecto (2013) for flute, violin, clarinet and vibraphone

Written for the Red Note Ensemble.   Premiered in June 2013 in Sloan's Bar in Glasgow.  

Ecto sample score

Coyote Nocturne III (2012) for flute, cello and piano

Written for the "Envoicing the Other" conference hosted by Dr David Code and the University of Glasgow in November 2012.  Premier by Ruth Morley, Robert Irvine, and Scott Mitchell.

Coyote Nocturne III sample score

Flock I&II (2012) for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano

Premiered by the London New Wind Group in 2012

Flock Sample Score

Watershed (2011) for 2 pianos

Written for Re:Sono.  A rumination on Salt River and Kentucky River basins in Central Kentucky.  

Watershed sample score

Three Words from the Sacred Harp (2011) for SSAA female choir

Written for the Glasgow Madrigirls.  Based around texts form the 1993 edition sacred harp hymnal.

Live recording by the Glasgow Madrigirls, December 2011

Three Words from the Sacred Harp sample score

L√∂wenritt (2010) for mezzo soprano and piano - words by Ferdinand Freiligrath 

L√∂wenritt sample score

Lude Postlude (2010) for septet

Written for Ensemble Thing.  Premiered in 2010 at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts.

Lude, Postlude sample score

Strata (2010) for two pianos

This is the first piece I wrote for Re:Sono.  It is the result of a somewhat abortive attempt to reflect on the ancient seabeds that make up the layers of rock in Central Kentucky. 

Strata sample score

Coyote Nocturne II (2009) for clarinet and string quartet

Coyote Nocturne II sample score

The Lightning Bug Hour (2008) for flute, vibraphone and piano

The Lightning Bug Hour sample score

Stalking The Unseeable Animal (2007) for septet

Thinking on the poetry of Wendell Berry

Stalking the Unseeable Animal sample score

Six Journeys (2007) for bass clarinet and piano

Six Journeys sample score

Candlestick Music (2007) for plucked strings

Twister Season (2006) for sextet

Twister Season sample score

Three Moths (2006) for flute, bass clarinet, and piano

performed by the Symposia Ensemble, Glasgow, Scotland

Three Moths sample score

Elegy for a Fir Tree (2004) for eight strings 

Elegy for a Fir Tree sample score

Carpenter Creek - Summer  (2004) for orchestra

Carpenter Creek - Summer sample score